What is the best paid music streaming service?

In recent years, the music streaming market has grown at an incredibly fast pace. In 2020, when it seemed that the whole world went online, the number of paid subscribers to streaming music services grew by a third. Streaming music services provide an incredible opportunity for easy, fast, convenient and relatively inexpensive access to legal music content. Streaming music has practically supplanted the usual ways of listening to your favorite music.

Spotify has been called the undisputed leader among streaming music services for several years in a row, at the end of 2020 it announced 140 million paying subscribers worldwide. In the middle of summer 2020, this popular Swedish streaming service officially opened in Russia and other CIS countries, providing very loyal conditions for its subscribers when compared to subscriptions for listeners from Western European countries, the USA, Canada and other economically developed countries. At the end of 2020, Spotify held over 30% of the global streaming music market. You can always use the service and within the limits of the free version, but in this case there are many restrictions.

Apple Music is in second place in the world, it boasts 70 million subscribers and 19% of the global market.

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Subscription of Spotify Premium gives users the following benefits:

• music can be listened to without interruption for advertising;

• systematically manage your media library without feeling “in the flow”;

• download music to listen to it offline;

• create multiple accounts at the same time (for some premium subscription options);

• you can listen to music tracks in the highest quality.

The first month you can use the premium subscription for free.

So, we can safely say that it is the Swedish Spotify today that will be considered the best paid music streaming service. Subscribing to it will provide the user with many advantages that will make listening to your favorite music very comfortable.

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