What is the best playlist app and how to make money on it?

Today there are a lot of applications for listening of music. Services of stream transfer of music are most popular. In a broad sense the concept of stream music means her live broadcast on the Internet. Probably, in the modern world the streaming wouldn’t be so popular if he couldn’t bring to a streamer not only popularity, but also quite good income.

Today the world musical industry is gradually reoriented on streaming services as the number of performances of musicians live was critically reduced, and trade in music on physical carriers was a thing of the past.

What is the best playlist app and how to make money on it

There are many musical stream services which can use for placement of the compositions, their promotion and receiving a royalty. The list of the most popular looks so:

• YouTube Music;

• Spotify;

• Apple Music;

• Deezer;

• Boom;

• Amazon Music.

But this list isn’t full, floating around the Internet it is possible to find still a set of more or less popular stream platforms.

The Swedish service Spotify, for example, already paid to the performers more than 16 billion dollars of a royalty worldwide.

But the level of payments is subject to fluctuations which depend from:

• total net income of the musical streamingovy platform;

• the coordinated global percent on payments to performers from the total net income;

• total number of listenings on service;

• the number of listenings of content of the certain performer applying for a royalty.

Any performer will face variability of the income both on Spotify, and on any other streamingovy music service. Also the income level will depend on the one who and that is important, listens to your compositions where exactly.

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If to use services of the intermediary at placement of composition on streamingovy service, then the sum received on hands will be much less.

Certainly, profit on placement of music on stream services won’t be able to surpass profit on performances, but she can quite be considered as additional income that is especially relevant in the conditions of a pandemic.

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