What Is The Best Software To Remove Vocals From A Song?

The problem of removing a voice from a song has been around since the opportunity to sing to a soundtrack appeared. The natural desire of a person, when he hears a song that he really likes, is to sing this song himself. But the problem arises, how to leave the instrumental accompaniment in the song, and remove the voice? Such questions appear on the Internet, on forums. Removing vocals has several methods.

The first way is to try to cut out the frequency range in which the human voice is located. The second way – usually any song is recorded in stereo, i.e. divided into two channels — right and left, and these channels usually do not sound the same, but each instrument is panned in one direction or another. If you superimpose one channel on another in an unpretentious way, then everything in the middle of the panorama is superimposed on itself and, as a result, is drowned out. After the mids have been cut, you need to add low frequencies.

Software To Remove Vocals From A Song

If this is not an empty entertainment for you, but a necessity, then it is worth trying to do it. The developers offer software that is designed to remove vocals from a song. They tried and studied the technical side of the issue well and offered us a ready-made solution.

The Acapella program, according to experts, can be considered one of the most effective applications that removes vocals from a song. This app is easy to use and, importantly, it’s free. Acapella divides the song into arrangement and vocals, after which the vocals can be quickly removed. The program is available to use, it does not require deep computer knowledge.

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Open the program, drag any file into its window, or click the File menu, then Open. In the window that opens, select the file and click the «Open» button. After loading the song, click the Effect menu, select Stereo Image, then Center Channel Extractor. The plugin window will appear in front of you. In this window, you need to configure the actions of the plugin. Then it remains to load the song and wait a minute or two while the program is busy separating the arrangement and vocals.

Thus, removing vocals from a song is an operation needed for those who want to sing the song they like themselves or remove the voice and leave the melody. Everyone is familiar with situations when they like the melody and want to leave it, and remove the vocals. You have an idea of how to remove vocals from a song. You may not be successful the first time. Do not stop, but study the program settings to remove vocals from the song

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