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What is the best streaming service 2020?

It has been the rough year 2020. The whole world was shocked by the pandemic, people sat at home without the opportunity to hang out with friends. Everyone was worried about their relatives, career, and future. It is not the first time for mankind to suffer through hard times, and every time people find solace in art.

What is the best streaming service 2020?

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Music is the most graceful way to share your feelings. During 2020, we saw a lot of videos where people took out their musical instruments and played right from their own balconies. Music has always been the international language that our souls speak. It can cheer us up, make us feel nostalgic, or relieve our stress.

The videos with live performances are really impressive. However, not everyone knows how to play instruments. People without musical knowledge have found another way to cheer themselves up. They created shared playlists to relate to other people’s feelings.

Streaming services became a big step forward in the music industry. Users could get hundreds of tracks for lower pricing. Artists got a bigger audience thanks to the accessibility of their songs. These modern services are profitable for everybody. We want to tell you about the best platforms where you will definitely find all your favorite musicians.


This streaming service continues to hold a leading position for a couple of years till now. It’s not surprising – the app has several unique features that are not available on other music platforms. Moreover, the company maintains adequate prices – there are several interesting offers for students, families, etc.

There is a huge library of over 40 million tracks that are of the best sound quality.

Apple Music

This is a multi-functional app for Apple users. It stores data in the Cloud, which allows customers to get access from any gadget. It has many themed playlists. There are several downsides. In addition to being unavailable for Android users, you have to pay for this service. You won’t be able to listen to podcasts here either – there is a separate platform for that.

This application is a great choice for iPhone owners, who love listening to music and are willing to pay for it. There is also a radio that you can put in the background and listen to the latest tracks.

YouTube Music

Some music apps customers like to discover creations of beginner artists who don’t have label deals. They do covers on popular songs and post them on YouTube. Naturally, such tracks can’t be found on Spotify or other platforms where all music is officially uploaded and protected by copyright.

In such cases, YouTube music will be an excellent choice. This app allows you to listen to music or podcasts and create playlists for free. You can purchase a YouTube Premium that is an add-free solution for both YouTube and YouTube Music.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is a package that gives users access to HD-quality and more than 50 million tracks. Amazon Prime subscribers get free access to 2 million tracks and a discount for the full version of the app.

This program fits parents – it allows them to block songs with explicit content automatically.


Do you want to get a high resolution for all of your favorite songs? This platform is a great choice for audiophiles. Spotify’s maximum streaming quality is a standard 320 Kbps. Tidal has the capacity of playing songs with quality of 9,216 Kbps. The difference in sound quality will be unimaginable.

There are some peculiarities that define the best streaming service for a particular audience:

  • Pricing. Technically, Spotify is free. You can listen to music but it will be interrupted by ads from time to time. Also, there are some restrictions when it comes to editing playlists. YouTube music is also a good choice, especially, if you like watching music videos. However, you can’t turn off the screen;
  • Quality. Most applications use standard music quality. Some fans prefer to pay extra for improved track quality. Tidal and Amazon Music offer HD studio-like sound;
  • Library. By the number of tracks, Tidal, Apple, and Amazon Music are way ahead of their competitors. In comparison, Spotify offers users 50 million songs, while Apple Music has over 60 million tracks;
  • Availability. Most of the apps are available on any device. However, Apple Music is exclusive for iOS users. Amazon Music is a perfect match for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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During the lockdown, when everyone was isolated at home, people realized that they are never alone. We were united by art, emotions, desires, and fears. The team of MusConv wants to help our customers tell the whole world about their musical tastes. If you suddenly want to change your streaming platform, you may struggle with manually recreating old playlists. Our app will save your playlists in several formats, and it allows us to move them from one service to another. We can move playlists, albums followed by artists, and liked songs across Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, etc.