Every year it’s possible to meet new singers that appear on the big scene, and they are full of enthusiasm and determination to change the music industry. Of course, it’s exciting to see the process of a future star’s growth from start to real popularity. But, those performers who manage to stay in the public eye for a long time and do not lose their popularity deserve deep respect, too. These stars become idols, legends, and so on.

What is the biggest song in 2023?

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Miley Cyrus belongs to the second category, she is a real legend. She became popular in 2008, after playing a leading role in the TV series Hannah Montana. After that, Miley began to rise up in the musical sphere and she received recognition and became an icon for crowds of fans, as well. At the moment, Miley is one of the most popular and extravagant singers. She allows herself to wear all sorts of crazy outfits and behave in a brave manner. Moreover, she is ready to express her point of view on any issue sharply enough.

So, not surprisingly, when you ask the question: “What is the biggest song in 2023? “, all search engines demonstrate Miley’s song, Flowers. It is a pretty audacious composition in which the girl tells about her broken marriage with Liam Hemsworth.

The main message of this song is the girl’s wish not to leave the relationship. She also didn’t want to suffer from lies and criticism. However, she decided to let the situation go and enjoy the fact that she could live perfectly well without the relationships. That’s why Miley sings about being able to buy herself flowers and go dancing. 

An interesting fact is that the singer released the song right on her ex-husband’s birthday. Thoroughly analyzing the lyrics, we can make a lot of conclusions about her previous relationships. However, in public the former spouses did not declare any specific reasons for the divorce.

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