What is the cheapest music streaming service?

There are a few music streaming services today all competing for your attention as soon as you open your browser and type a couple of words into a search box. However, when you’re looking for the cheapest music streaming service today, it’s worth considering not only how low the price is but also the ratio of content to price. In other words, how much will you get for your money? 

With fierce competition on all fronts, the Swedish service Spotify, which was created in 2008, is one of the most likely candidates if you’re looking for the best content for your money. For one, the features are completely free on the Free Plan, but also 50 000 000 songs, podcasts, and audio books can be freely shared with your family and loved ones with no ads, better quality of music, and tons of infinitely customizable features for only $10-$15 a month. Fans describe it as nothing less than amazing: 

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“Free, huge music database, multi-platform, excellent music selection system, social networking, sound quality, cheap paid subscription. Spotify is a huge combination with all sorts of genres and destinations. Great sound quality! There is the possibility of streaming playback. It is also possible to download music for offline listening, but by subscription. I am using the free version.”

It doesn’t get any cheaper than free but if you’re going to join 130 000 000 people who went Premium, you’re getting so much content for your money it’s practically free. 

The swedish music streaming service Spotify is now one of the most popular platforms in the world, offering users access to a huge library of licensed music with over 50 million tracks.

Spotify is one of the few services that provide free access to licensed digital content. Each user can take advantage of this opportunity by simply registering with Spotify and creating their own personal account. The streaming service also offers a paid subscription – Premium – for which a monthly subscription fee is debited from the bank account or the user’s e-wallet. The free version differs from the paid version by the presence of ad blocks, the lack of ability to download music for later offline listening, as well as the poorer sound quality of the played tracks (you cannot select the maximum bitrate of 320 Kbps).

However, the restrictions do not cause the user any particular inconvenience without the feeling that the main function of the free version is to attract premium users. The free version of the app is available for all types of gadgets.

The functionality of the free version allows permanent and full use without upgrading to a premium subscription, although enthusiastic music lovers still prefer the paid version of the service with an extensive list of features.

The paid subscription to Spotify is no longer valid from day one. The user can use a free trial for one month. This is possible once. In comparison, the popular Apple Music streaming service also offers a trial version as a paid subscription. It is valid for three months. In general, however, you cannot use Apple Music for free. So, Spotify music streaming service can be considered the cheapest today, if we are talking about similar streaming platforms popular in the modern world

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