What Is The Default Music Player For Android?

It is almost impossible to answer the question of which media player is installed on your Android device unambiguously. The thing is that in this case, the question is what is the default media player used by each manufacturer.

YouTube Music long ago replaced Google Play Music in gadgets, which was stopped back in 2020. But the list of handy players is not limited to this loud and popular name.

Let’s list a few other well-known media players that are often used with Android devices.

Default Music Player For Android

Pulsar Music Player. The application attracts attention, at first, with a fairly convenient content sorting menu – you can search for tracks by artist, albums or even genres (although, there are usually problems with the latter). In addition, in the settings you can exclude folders that you don’t need to search for content automatically, which is quite convenient; you can also adjust the sound balance or select a color design theme. Another thing is that the equalizer in Pulsar is available only in the full paid version, and the number of themes in the free application is very limited. However, you can comfortably use the software without buying the full version.


1. stylish laconic interface of the player;

2. flexible settings;

3. convenient content sorting;

4. volume setting function for left and right ear buds.

Shuttle Music Player. Because of the strict and clear interface, you might think that the Shuttle is a simple player, able to play music and no more. But in fact it’s a powerful tool for the music lover who, for example, decided to turn up the bass or adjust the sound in the equalizer the way he wants. At the same time, the application is able to independently load covers from the network, if they are not originally in the track, which is extremely convenient, there is a sleep timer to automatically turn off tracks after the desired period of the user, very attractive widgets and, of course, setting themes to change the “appearance” of the interface.

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1. quite handy equalizer;

2. downloading artwork from the net;

3. the timer automatically turns off;

4. the change of the interface style.

You can find numerous similar applications for playing music in the application store. You can use a pre-installed player if you are fully satisfied with its functionality.

If you do not want to be limited to the proposed options, then try to download a new media player yourself. To do this, you need to go to Google Play. In the store of applications you will be able to choose the player you like for Android, asking in advance about its technical characteristics and real feedback from users who already have experience of using such an application.

Of course, you should download the music player, as well as any other similar application, only on the official website. In this case, you get not only a technically high-quality application for Android, but also protect your gadget from potential threats in the form of various viruses.

If the issue of the media player installed on the Android device that you want to buy is very important to you, there is no need to conduct the selection of the device according to this criterion. You will always be able to download the desired application from the Google App Store.

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