What Is The Difference Between Apple TV+ And Apple TV?

Not all users of gadgets from a corporation from Cupertino can figure out what the difference is between Apple TV + and Apple TV. Meanwhile, we are talking about completely different things.

Apple TV+ is a video distribution service. The service features original Apple content, as well as plenty of content that you won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else. You can watch it on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and game consoles. It is also available at a very reasonable price.

Exploring Apple TV: Gateway to Multimedia Entertainment

Apple TV is not just a device; it’s a portal to a realm of multimedia entertainment. Crafted by Apple, it stands as hardware dedicated to streaming multimedia content from a multitude of sources. Its core allure lies in its capacity to consolidate access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and more, into one streamlined interface. Beyond streaming, Apple TV boasts gaming capabilities through Apple Arcade and supports 4K resolution, ensuring users indulge in top-notch visual and interactive content.

Diverse Models Catering to User Needs

Available in various models, Apple TV caters to diverse user needs. For those content with standard high-definition streaming, Apple TV HD fits the bill. Meanwhile, the Apple TV 4K model caters to enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of picture quality, offering enhanced performance optimized for 4K and HDR TVs. This range of models ensures that whether you’re a casual viewer or a tech aficionado, there’s an Apple TV tailored to your lifestyle.

Introducing Apple TV Plus: Apple’s Exclusive Streaming Service

What sets Apple TV Plus apart is its status as Apple’s ambitious venture into the streaming service arena. It distinguishes itself by offering a subscription-based platform dedicated solely to delivering an exclusive catalog of original content. Unlike conventional streaming services mixing licensed and original content, Apple TV Plus focuses solely on original productions, spanning movies, TV shows, and documentaries crafted by top talents in entertainment.

Rich Content Library and Subscription Model

Subscribers to Apple TV Plus gain access to a rich tapestry of genres, from gripping dramas like “The Morning Show” and expansive storytelling in “Foundation” to heartwarming tales like “Ted Lasso” and cutting-edge documentaries such as “The Elephant Queen.” This commitment to original, high-quality content swiftly positions Apple TV Plus as a major player in digital storytelling.

Operating on a straightforward subscription model, Apple TV Plus offers access to its entire catalog for a monthly fee. Apple often entices new users with free trial periods, allowing exploration of the service’s offerings before committing. Additionally, purchasing an Apple device frequently comes with a promotional offer including free access to Apple TV Plus for a limited time, further integrating the streaming service into the Apple ecosystem and making it an attractive option for existing Apple product users.

Differentiating Between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus

The fundamental difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus lies in their nature: Apple TV is a hardware device facilitating access to a plethora of streaming content, while Apple TV Plus is a streaming service specializing in original Apple-produced content.

Seamless Integration within the Apple Ecosystem

Though different, Apple TV and Apple TV Plus work together seamlessly within Apple’s ecosystem. Apple TV Plus content is easily accessible through the Apple TV device, and the Apple TV app integrates content from various services, including Apple TV Plus, offering a unified viewing experience across devices.

Choosing the Right Fit for You

Deciding between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus depends on individual preferences. Apple TV is ideal for transforming TVs into smart entertainment hubs, while Apple TV Plus appeals to viewers seeking exclusive, high-quality original content. Both cater to different needs, enriching the Apple ecosystem.

The special thing is that Apple TV+ payment is widely supported

You can use it more comfortably by choosing the payment method that is convenient for you. Payment by credit card is possible. It’s very easy because you don’t have to do any troublesome procedures if you register once.

The following credit cards are supported for paying with your Apple ID.

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. JCB

You can also pay with a debit card.

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Unlike credit cards, you can be sure that you can make purchases within the limits of your bank balance. If you are using a mobile phone, this payment method is easy to use. With this payment method, you can pay for bundled communications or use AUPAY, WEB-money, etc. It’s very easy because you can purchase it by simply entering a 4-digit PIN.

To change your payment method for Apple TV+, you need to update your billing information in your Apple ID account itself. Therefore, please note that if you change it, the payment method for other subscription services that you have registered will also change.

By connecting your Apple TV to your TV using an Apple-sold device, you can enjoy a variety of content such as videos, games, apps, and Apple Music using Wi-Fi. There is also the advantage that it is easy to set up, because it is a product from the same Apple.

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