What Is The Difference Between Global 200 And Hot 100?

American music magazine Billboard has been known to musicians, labels and music lovers around the world for more than a hundred years. Its first issue was published back in 1894, when the development of the American Wild West was in full swing.

  1. Billboard Hot 100 is a chart for all singles that may or may not belong to an album. Songs are judged independently on their performance, independent of other songs on the same album.
  2. Billboard Global 200. As the name suggests, the chart is for albums only and you can see the performance of all songs in aggregate for a particular album. Singles do not appear on the Top 200 chart.

Both charts are updated weekly. While the Billboard Hot 100 only counts the songs that received the most streams and sales in physical and electronic versions in the United States of America over the past period of one week, the Global 200 is based on weekly counts of streams and digital download sales. From over 200 countries around the world. Of course, this list does not include all countries of the world. But their represented majority may indicate the popularity and salability of a particular track in a particular country.

Billboard has been working on the idea of a global hit parade covering most of the world for more than two years before its launch at the end of 2020.

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Interestingly, almost none of the artists or even representatives of record companies thoroughly knows and sometimes does not even understand the algorithms for determining the implementation of tracks from the Billboard Top 200. There is a rather complicated formula by which the rating of a particular song, album or a certain track is formed. In this formula, there are many variables that affect the ranking of an artist or a piece of music.

Those streams that come at the expense of premium subscriptions are taken into account in the first place. The chart does not take into account any form of radio broadcast. The hit parade follows the tracking week from Friday to Thursday.

Music market experts have repeatedly criticized the rating system in the Global 200. According to them, a significant part of the leading places in this prestigious international rating is occupied by tracks that have reached these prizes with the help of modern computer technology. For example, many artists have found ways to play the US Billboard charts using VPN technology. In particular, Justin Bieber was repeatedly reproached for this.

Some VPNs allow internet users outside the US to act as US internet users and therefore count as US music streams for inclusion in the chart scoring formula in the United States of America. Thus, some tracks and even music albums may have an inflated rating, which does not fully reflect its real position in the music market at the moment.

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