What is the difference between iTunes and Apple Music app?

Many Apple fans are perplexed by the brand’s different services’ names. So, what is the difference between iTunes and Apple Music app?

what is the difference between iTunes and Apple music app?

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We will start by explaining what iTunes is and what it can do for you. So, iTunes is special software that links your Apple devices to services and is loaded on your Mac/PC. Using it, you are able to control all your mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad, as well as their content via the app iTunes.

The main features of Apple’s iTunes are:

  • software installation and updates;
  • create and store backups;
  • download different music, movies, books, and useful data for applications you install on your mobile phone;
  • managing user account data (Apple Identification)
  • organizing and storing media content;
  • access to the book, music, and movie shop – to buy new and download earlier purchased files;
  • playing songs, audiobooks, movies – both bought by users from the iTunes Store and saved on the PC’s hard drive.

If to talk about music content, as you know, it is possible to buy it from iTunes only. That’s where artists sell their albums at full price and get their revenue. And you pay for it to get that music in your possession.

Also, there is a function iTunes Match. It allows you to stream up to 25,000 compositions directly from your iTunes Music Library while increasing the bitrate of your tracks automatically. By the way, if you bought music from iTunes before, it will not be counted amongst these 25,000 songs.

If you want to cancel the subscription from iTunes Match, then all the music compositions stay on your device, but you couldn’t upload new tracks from the cloud.

Both applications are not really competitors because they play slightly different roles. Let’s take a look at what Apple is and show the difference between these two platforms.

To start with, Apple Music is a streaming application. This means that you don’t buy music content at full price, you should pay for listening only. Payments are taken once a month or once a year. The service provides as many as 70 million songs. On this platform, you can:

  • create playlists;
  • follow someone’s playlists and share with yours;
  • listen to favorite tracks offline;
  • get personalized recommendations for music you might like;
  • listen to the Beats 1 online radio station,
  • get access to the Connect blogging platform that allows artists to share their recordings, photos, videos and tracks with subscribers, and much more.


Of course, this application has similar features to the Apple Music platform because it also allows customers to get access and listen to music. However, it’s not a music streaming service; instead. It’s a media player, media library, online radio, and mobile device management application. In fact, it provides a much more comprehensive service than Apple Music.

However, it’s also worth knowing that with Apple streaming, your iTunes media library will remain at your disposal, and your saved collection will be available from the Apple Music application.

Apple Music and iTunes Match, on the other hand, provide you with a Cloud music library that can be filled in one of these ways:

  • with compositions chosen from your original local music library;
  • with tracks uploaded from your collection, when the iTunes app can’t find a match;
  • and if you use Apple Music, with music compositions from your Apple Music library.

In short, Apple Music has almost the same features as iTunes Match.

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