What is the difference between iTunes and Apple Music?

iTunes Match is Apple’s streaming service that assists the user in downloading a collection to the iCloud Music Library. Therefore, the user gets access to his music on any gadget, if, of course, he uses the same Apple Id for them. The user has the right to download music tracks without DRM (digital rights management).

Apple Music is a music streaming service. Apple Music only plays licensed music content, it owns DRM. The music content of the service becomes available only with a paid subscription. It can only be listened to by an authorized gadget.

While an Apple Music subscription gives you the right to play music exclusively on authorized gadgets, iTunes Match makes it possible to play music content on more devices.

If you cancel your iTunes Match subscription in favor of Apple Music, you will effectively lose your rights to your tracks. And it doesn’t matter if these are copies of songs from licensed discs or your work recorded on a dictaphone.

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Now all your music belongs to Apple, and without paying for Apple Music, you no longer have access to it. If you have an impressive collection of music in iTunes Match, which you collected, ripped tracks from CDs, if I were you, I would think, do I need to change to Apple Music? After all, then you will lose the rights to your music and you will register one of the options for a paid subscription to this streaming service.

The iTunes Match subscription is three times lower than the Apple Music subscription. With all due respect to the updated Apple Music interface, making playlists in iTunes is easier and more convenient.

Apple Music doesn’t have a handy feature like smart playlists. There is no objective reason not to do such a thing, programmers are just lazy. Therefore, iTunes Match is still needed.

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