What is the difference between Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

Although there are other alternatives with probably more impressive content at hand, Amazon Music is one of the most popular choices around. 

In terms of user numbers, it’s holding a proud 3rd place after Apple Music and Spotify and offers quite a few options you won’t find anywhere plus way too many subscription tiers. How are the two different? 

Just like dollars and Benjamin Franklin, these two subscription plans share similarities but are far from the same thing, so let’s take a look at which is which. 

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With Amazon, you get two streaming music options: Prime Music and Unlimited. Both of these feature different pricing. The good thing about Prime, however, is that it comes free with your Amazon Prime Membership. There is also ad-free and offline and unlimited listening for both options. They also share the same interface.

Amazon Music Unlimited has over 50 000 000 songs as compared to Amazon Prime Music’s 2 000 000. Does that make a difference? A million is a really huge number. However, if you’re after something specific, you’ll probably want Unlimited.   

If you want more details, need advice, want to transfer tracks between Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, or dozens of other global music streaming services, you’ll always find MusConv here with helpful and interesting guides. See you soon!

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