What Is The Difference Between Serato Lite And Pro?

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected manufacturers of music equipment and DJ software to some extent. As a result, far fewer exciting new products have hit the market in the past twelve months than in previous years.

Serato DJ Pro is “simply” an improved version of the regular Serato DJ, where changes made “under the hood” matter more than new features and additions. The new version of the application offers full support for 64-bit systems, which in practice translates into smoother and more stable operation and the ability to work with large song libraries. The user interface has been adapted for modern high resolution displays and some cosmetic changes have been made. However, the most important new feature for many users will be Practice Mode, a new mode of operation that allows you to use Serato DJ Pro without a connected controller.

In addition to Serato DJ Pro, Serato DJ Lite has also been introduced, which will replace Serato DJ Intro. This is a free, but simplified and slightly limited version of the flagship program, giving access to only the main functions. However, it’s worth noting that thanks to the previously mentioned practice mode, which allows you to use the app without a connected controller, beginning DJs can use Serato DJ Lite to mix music using only a laptop.

Serato DJ Pro is provided free of charge to those who have a Serato DJ license. New users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial before making a purchase decision. The basic version of Serato DJ Pro costs $99. More expensive versions are also available, sold bundled with extensions and a paid subscription option, starting at $9.99 per month. Serato DJ Lite is available free of charge to all users.

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Serato DJ Lite is a relatively simple and fairly traditional DAW software designed primarily for DJs who use Serato DJ Pro but want to save money on software. These DJs would like to start their music journey by creating their own songs (although it can also be successfully used for all sorts of remixes, mashups and edits). The entire app has been designed to look and work as close as possible to DJ software. It can even be controlled using popular controllers designed to work with Serato DJ Pro. It is public due to its user-friendly interface, real-time controls and the ability to display beats.

The free version of Serato Lite gives you access to most of the features offered by the paid versions, but comes with some limitations. The user can only use one audio track and four software instruments. The number of scenes is limited to four, and the only option for exporting tracks is mp3. Also, many functions related to automation do not work.

Serato Lite is perfect for those DJs who are just starting out in this amazing profession and are not ready to pay big money for software. It will help a beginner DJ to quickly master professional software and become a real DJ as quickly as possible.

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