What is the difference between YouTube Music and YouTube?

The audience of a video hosting of YouTube reached 3 billion users. It lifts his height, not inaccessible to competitors. Many users who seriously are fond of music still accurately can’t understand the difference between YouTube Music and YouTube.

We will remind, the music service YouTube Music which, in fact, absorbed Google Play Music was presented to public in 2018. The YouTube Red service under the new name YouTube Premium was at the same time restarted. For new users of YouTube Premium the subscription with the free trial period for 3 months is offered. The family subscription can contain 13 years are up to six users more senior provided that all of them live in common and are registered in Google. For her activation it is necessary to create family group and to send invitations to family members. Users of YouTube Premium can consider that they are subscribed also to YouTube Music as terms of subscription provide free use and this service.

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YouTube Music is a music service Google where it is possible to watch clips and to listen to music. He sorts content by genres, performers, albums, concerts and mood. On the basis of location of the user, history of search and viewings (including usual YouTube) the Music service dynamically throws out on the main screen of favorite performers and recommends new genres and compositions which can theoretically be pleasant. Service at first will ask the new user that it is pleasant to him.

The target orientation will become radical difference of two services. If YouTube from the most basis made the main direction video content, then YouTube Music stakes on audiocontent and, respectively, on fans of music. YouTube Music is, if I may say so, one of divisions of YouTube with the musical specification.

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