What Is The Difference Between YouTube TV And YouTube Premium?

The YouTube app, as the name suggests, is for music, competing with Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming services in the genre. Like other platforms, it has free and paid versions.

Features in the paid version include access to all YouTube music and videos without ads or interruptions, continuous playback, which keeps music playing even when the app is in the background.

There is also a lyric snippet search feature as it is connected to Google, in addition to being able to download the songs you want to listen to offline and list songs according to your location and even occupation, such as songs for study, for work, or relaxation, training songs and so on.

YouTube Music is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, Linux and MacOs systems. It costs €9.99 per month (individual plan) and €14.99 per month in the family plan, where the account can be used by up to five people if they are over 13 years old, per family plan administrator who is responsible for payment for services, must be of legal age. Like Spotify, it also has a student subscription with 50% off per month. This subscription is valid for a maximum of four years, with an annual renewal and verification by the subscriber of his student status.

While YouTube Music is music-focused, YouTube Premium is video-centric. Among the available resources is the ability to play, in addition to songs, your video lists without ads, this allows you to watch them in the background even on your mobile phone, so that you can use other applications; it also allows you to download videos and access exclusive YouTube Originals content, which contains movies, documentaries, series, and reality shows.

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The cost of a YouTube Premium subscription is slightly higher than its music counterpart. This is explained by the fact that by purchasing a premium subscription, the user automatically acquires YouTube Music as well. It turns out that this is a two-in-one subscription. This is very convenient, but only if the user is interested in both music and video. For music lovers who are focused only on listening to music, spending extra money on a premium subscription that includes videos is simply pointless.

YouTube Premium is also compatible with Android, iOS (mobile) and Windows, Linux and MacOs (desktop) systems.

What is the difference between YouTube Music and Premium? Youtube Music is music streaming designed to meet the unique needs of this audience. YouTube Premium, on the other hand, gives you the ability to watch videos and exclusive content.

Therefore, in this case, each user makes a decision for himself as to whether he should subscribe to this or that subscription from a popular video hosting. In any case, it is recommended that you first use the free trial version of one and the second application. This will help to create a complete and detailed picture for each user and make an informed decision about renewing a paid subscription to the application.

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