What Is The Easiest DJ Software To Use?

Any person who decides to dedicate himself to the profession of a disc jockey must navigate the modern equipment and software that representatives of this exciting profession work with.

Until a few years ago, most of the equipment put on the market worked with almost all available applications. Today it looks a little different, a significant number of new controllers are released to work with one specific program, which sometimes complicates the situation, since in some cases we may lose access to some functions of this model.

Before making a specific choice, it is worth considering what software we want to work with, because it may happen that it will stay with us longer than the controller, but we will have a proven base and up-to-date knowledge if we have further plans to purchase other equipment.

What you should pay attention to? On the Internet there are many different versions of the software in demo versions that we can download and test. There are so many of them that before we find something for ourselves, and then learn the main job, it will take a long time.

Therefore, let’s focus on the most frequently chosen and used software – Virtual DJ.

This program has been used by many beginner DJs. It offers a clear and fairly simple interface for not very demanding users. The program has its own mp3 decoding engine, thanks to which one of its advantages is higher sound quality than in other applications. With good equipment, the difference is very noticeable.

The advantages of Virtual DJ are:

  • Simple control
  • Function of automatic mixing.
  • Numerous of skins and additional effects in the free version.
  • Ability to connect some devices, such as a simple mixer.

The disadvantages include

  • Relatively small opportunities.
  • It’s free, but for non-commercial use only. If we plan to make money by playing, we must get the Pro version, which is quite expensive compared to the features.

The program will meet the expectations of novice users. If you’re starting your journey into the music world with mixing, it’s worth spending some time downloading the free version and getting used to the program. Not recommended for more advanced users, but ideal for learning how to use similar programs.

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In conclusion, one more important information. In fact, almost every software can be synchronized with any device (manually or with ready-made settings files). Such operations require great knowledge and experience in the use of various software. After a few days of playing with the equipment, you are unable to perform such operations, and you can harm yourself with unstable operation of the DJ equipment by choosing the wrong settings.

But after a while, you will comprehend all the tricks of Virtual DJ. When this happens, it is quite possible that you will want to get more advanced software. But it is Virtual DJ that will give you that knowledge base and those practical skills that you can successfully use on other, more complex professional software.

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