What Is The Feature Of Spotify Wrapped?

The streaming service Spotify, which today, like for many years in a row, constantly brings new features for its users that increase the usability of the service itself.

Spotify Wrapped is a great service that analyzes all the songs and podcasts you’ve listened to in a year and creates a huge set of audio recordings. First, there is the curiosity factor. You’ll find out what you’ve been listening to, how many hours you’ve lost due to the service, and other curious things like what device you’ve mostly listened to on.

The Feature Of Spotify Wrapped

Spotify users always get an overview of their last year’s streams in December. This is also known as Spotify Wrapped. To compile this review, Spotify saved every minute you listened to music.

Spotify unveils its annual Wrapped Review, showing users around the world what music and podcasts they’ve been listening to over the past year. By the way, Justin Bieber takes the crown in 2021 and is the most streamed artist.

If you use Spotify, you can view Wrapped’s annual roundup starting December 1st. You do this in the Spotify app (Android or iOS). Open the app and you will see a clear notification about your Wrapped that you click on.

The official launch date for Spotify Wrapped has always been December 1 of the current year. While it is not known when the full version will be ready, several features have been added in updates since launch, most notably custom year-end charts that visualize information about this popular feature.

The so-called Spotify Wrapped reveals some curious data about the use of the music app, such as the number of minutes of listening and the most listened to artists. New in this year’s Spotify retrospective is the ability to share your stats on TikTok, in addition to Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as adding exclusive artist videos to your most popular playlists.

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How can this function be useful and interesting, in addition to the advantages listed above? You can view your listening history on a streaming service and draw conclusions not only about your musical preferences, but also about the influence of certain circumstances of your life that have been over the past year on your musical choice.

Artists who make money from music streaming tend to try to analyze their behavior on the streaming platform and the behavior of their subscribers, who can share the results of the year’s retrospective with them. This, in turn, gives the artist the opportunity to adjust the direction of their creativity and achieve better results.

Spotify has become the leader of the global music market thanks not only to a well-organized and rich music library and a permanent free version, but also due to the right marketing policy, one of the methods of which can be safely considered Spotify Wrapped.

Users can also analyze their behavior on the streaming service throughout the month, as Spotify provides a similar service. True, it is only available to users of the premium version of this music streaming app.

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