What Is The Most Listened Song In 2022?

So, summer has come and music burst into our lives with renewed vigor. Anyone who is interested in music news and is not indifferent to beauty wants to be aware of the latest trends and fashion trends.

Many music lovers are constantly interested in what kind of song and what artist is in first place in the world in terms of popularity.

You can answer this question by referring to the top charts. The information in them is almost always true and up-to-date. But here’s the problem – every music streaming service publishes its data. And today there are about a thousand such platforms in the world. Of course, if you do not take into account regional and national music streaming services, then you get a rather modest dozen of world leaders in the music industry.

But even among the conditional ten streaming platforms, there will certainly be differences in determining the leaders of user sympathies. The fact. That each music streaming service focuses in this case on the number of streams of a particular song on its resources. This will mean that, for example, Tidal has one song that has become the leader in the number of streams for a certain period, and Apple Music has another.

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Somewhere and in some ways the information will coincide, but we must not forget about the exclusive contracts that the performer concludes with the streaming platform and oblige him to cooperate only with him. In this case, the song will be broadcast only on this service.

Therefore, to determine the top song in the world as of June 2022, we will use the top from the Swedish streaming service Spotify, which has been the leader of the global music industry for a long period and generates almost every second music stream in the world.

So, surprisingly, in the first place today is last year’s leader of listeners’ sympathies – the track ┬źDance Monkey┬╗ by the Australian singer Tones and I. The song was released just a year ago, and during this time it has already been searched for more than 33 million times.

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