What Is The Most Popular Music Streaming Service 2022?

We can see the real triumph of music streaming services today. With their help, every four dollars out of five in the world of the music business is mined. Therefore, music lovers who have not yet decided on a choice may have a question about which of the music streaming services is the most popular.

To begin with, at the level of interface and use, these applications (all available for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS) are very similar to each other, and in many cases the subscription price is the same.

In 90% of cases, the base monthly rate is €9.99 (10) per month for a single plan and €15.99 per month for a family plan. Although the Family plan seems to be more expensive, it is actually the most convenient, since it allows you to divide the subscription cost by the number of users.

The free version of Spotify is suitable for all music lovers who are not very demanding on sound quality and can easily respond to constant ads. If you’re one of those people who listens to playlists or songs in random order, who only uses music as company while doing chores, or who wants to keep their ears busy while they read and work, then this option is perfect for you. This is because while the free version of Spotify doesn’t prevent you from listening to anything, you won’t be able to select the song you want, only the reference playlist album.

Also, because Spotify’s software is based on deep learning, based on your choice in the music field, it learns how to suggest songs to you, actually putting them in between one song and another from time to time, and you only have six passes per hour.

The number of Spotify users around the world is steadily growing every day. As of the end of 2021, there were over 400 million people in almost 200 countries around the globe.

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The Swedish music streaming service has over 160 million paid subscribers. These are users of the premium version of the application. A paid subscription removes all the restrictions that are in the free version. It must be said that the cost of a paid subscription to Spotify differs in different countries. For example, in India it is an order of magnitude lower than in the United States. This is the marketing policy of the company, which ties the cost of its services to the standard of living in a particular country.

Do you want a free app that will let you listen to almost all music? Use Spotify. Obviously, this involves constantly turning on the smartphone and consuming an excessive amount of data.

The second advantage is that Spotify is ideal not only for smartphones, but also for tablets and PCs. The service, in its free version, puts ads as the only limitation: you can choose the music you want in any order so as not to use skips and soak up all the songs suggested by the efficient algorithm.

The size of Spotify’s music library is also impressive. This is more than 70 million licensed songs and musical compositions. You can find just about anything a music lover could be interested in here, including just a huge number of podcasts for which the Swedish music streaming service is so famous.

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