What is the number one selling song of all time?

Perhaps many will be surprised, but inexorable statistics indicate that the single of the British megapopular group The Beatles – «Yesterday» is considered the most popular song and, accordingly, the best-selling.

This song first appeared on September 13, 1965. «Yesterday» took first place in the charts of the USA, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, and remains popular now. According to the American Organization for the Supervision of Performers’ Rights (BMI), this song was broadcast on radio and television more than 7 million times. According to the Guinness Book of Records, more than three thousand cover versions were made for this song. It’s more than any other song ever written.

«Yesterday» is one of the most popular songs of The Beatles, included in the album «Help!», Released in 1965. For the first time in the history of The Beatles, only one member of the group participated in the recording of the song. The Yesterday arrangement consisted only of an acoustic guitar played by Paul McCartney and a string quartet, the part for which was composed by George Martin and McCartney. Prior to this, the group made an attempt to record the song in another arrangement with Lennon on Hammond’s organ, there were no recordings of this version.

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The British radio station BBC-2 conducted a study based on surveys among music experts and listeners, as well as on sales indicators, according to the results of which it named «Yesterday» the best song of the 20th century.

As strange as it seems, the creation of The Beatles – «Imagine» also appeared in second place in terms of popularity and sales. This is a song by John Lennon from the eponymous album, released in 1971. Lennon himself jokingly called the song, which became his calling card, «a genuine Communist manifesto» – in it he sets out his point of view on what an ideal world order should be. In 1971, however, the song did not occupy places higher than third on the charts of America and Great Britain. But after Lennon’s death in 1980, Imagine was re-released and became an absolute hit. Now it is an «iconic» song: under «Imagine» they celebrate the New Year in New York – the song sounds in Times Square on December 31 in the last minutes before midnight. It was played at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London, it was performed from the bell tower of Liverpool Cathedral. It was from this song that one of the world’s leading radio stations «Europe Plus» began broadcasting. This song is also in second place in terms of sales. Of course, some time will pass, and the new generation will forget about these hits of past years. But so far they are the sales leaders among the songs.

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