The filmmaking and music industries have a lot of common features, and producers need to get high-quality music accompaniment to make a really fascinating movie. It takes a lot of effort but it has a sense because if the film becomes popular, its soundtrack takes top positions on all charts.

What is the oldest movie soundtrack?

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A long time ago, music and cinematography were separate niches of art. In fact, in the beginning, almost all films were silent. However, after a while, people came to the conclusion that it is possible to get a surprisingly good entertainment product if add some popular songs there. Every person can research the history of the creation of the film with musical accompaniment. But, of course, all fans are interested to know what is the oldest movie soundtrack.

Many people believe that the first soundtracks appeared in the 2000s. But, in fact, it was much earlier and you’ve definitely seen this movie! In 1937, the Walt Disney Company released an animated movie called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The motion picture includes an ear-pleasing and melodic song, which became the world’s very first commercial soundtrack. The song was created and released by RCA Victor Records. It was one of the existing American record companies. By the way, this label still exists today, although it is owned by Sony Corporation.

After the movie was released, the soundtrack about Snow White and the Dwarves caused great furor among the fan audience. That’s why when the track vinyl records were released in 1938, they were sold out immediately. Because of such great demand, the distributors released the records several more times in quite large quantities. However, in spite of this, they still were in short supply.

At the moment, records with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack are considered to be collection vinyl and are quite rare. On the market, you can even find copies that sell for fabulous money.

Fortunately, as of today, to get a chance to listen to the soundtrack from this film, all you have to do is search for it on a streaming search engine. Some music platforms can even offer you the same sound quality as the records that were sold in 1938.

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