What Is The Point Of ROXi?

ROXi appeared on the market relatively recently. This is a music streaming video system. If you look at it in the dynamics of the development of the global streaming market, then it undoubtedly belongs to very promising innovations.

The system was created in the UK. Today it operates legally in the United Kingdom and the United States. Of course, this system can also be used in other countries, but a new user will have to register their account in one of the above countries.

ROXi is a lot of devices and functions in one gadget. There is streaming music and video, streaming radio and even a karaoke machine, which has long been an integral part of any successful party or celebration.

What Is The Point Of ROXi

The system has a free version, but with multiple limitations, and a premium version, which fully reveals all the functionality. The cost of a paid subscription per month will be £6.99 or the equivalent in US dollars. The first 30 days a new premium subscriber can use the system for free, this will be a trial version. You can immediately subscribe for a year, it will cost 50 pounds, so many people go this way to save money.

ROXi is proud to have tens of thousands of karaoke videos, exclusive video channels and a song library comparable to the world’s leading music streaming services such as Spotify.

The system in its basic configuration is equipped with one karaoke microphone. But for an additional £19.99 one-time payment, you can purchase a system with two karaoke microphones and sing a duet. This is a very handy feature.

The system is cross-platform, it works with almost all operating systems. It can be connected to any modern TV.

ROXi is constantly updated. Not only is its music library growing in size and feature set expanding, but various standalone apps are constantly emerging, such as the ROXi TV music app that is downloaded to the set-top box.

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Installing and configuring the application does not require much effort from the user. It is enough to connect the set-top box, for example, to a TV. Then the automatic setup will start, after which the system will be valid.

The system also allows you to search for karaoke songs online. This is a very handy and efficient feature. There is no need to pre-audit the karaoke music library before the holiday, everything is available online and instantly. This is very convenient not only for ordinary users, but also for those who are professionally engaged in DJing. After all, karaoke has long been a favorite pastime in bars, cafes and even discos, where everyone can try their vocal abilities.

So far, the geography of the streaming system is not very extensive. But the creator company plans to expand broadcasting to the whole of Europe and further engage in the development of the music streaming market around the world.

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