What Is The Quality Of Spotify Premium Music?

Streaming music today has become almost the only source of broadcasting. Of course, it has not yet occupied all the space, but, according to music market analysts, it provides 80% of music broadcasts around the world and. accordingly, the same percentage of profits from the entire music industry as a whole.

If you access Spotify now, if you are a Premium subscriber, you will have access to 320 kbps audio streaming in Ogg Vorbis format. However, by the end of the year, the platform will be able to play lossless tracks. Tip: For good sound quality, don’t forget to disable the “normalize volume” feature. Much depends on the quality of the Internet connection and its bandwidth. With a poor Internet connection, you can hardly count on playing streaming service compositions in high quality, which in itself is very expensive in terms of consumed Internet resources.

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The usability of a streaming application will get in the way of the user experience, and one aspect that affects this is the interface. It is through him that you will search for your songs, share albums and playlists with friends, find the best indications.

Unfortunately, the Swedish music streaming service doesn’t have either the “exclusive mode” or the “forced volume” mode found in, for example, the desktop version of Tidal. According to Tidal, which today is considered the music streaming industry’s leader in sound quality, “exclusive mode” will only matter for “Hi-Fi” (16-bit CD quality) and “Master” (high definition or 24-bit) quality songs. bit audio) where, when enabled, this will force the application to use only the audio processed by the DAC, which eliminates possible interference caused by the system.

Yes, sound quality really can’t be considered a clear competitive advantage for the Swedish streaming service. But it has many other effective features that have made it not only popular among music lovers, but also an undisputed leader in the global music streaming platform market.

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