What Is The Value Of Bandcamp For Users

The evolution of computer programs now makes it possible to record works in a simple way, and sometimes without the need for special recording studios (unless, of course, higher quality is required). Enough about a professional program and a little experience.

Young producers or DJs can collect bases or create mashups and remixes and then immediately put them on the Web, in a world where sound quality is not a priority. That’s what the Bandcamp platform is for. This is an American company that was founded in 2007. From the following year, she began to work as an online music store, gradually expanding her capabilities.

Users also have obvious benefits when signing up for Bandcamp. The most obvious is the ability to learn about new music and decide to support, even on a digital or physical purchase level, the artists you love. But that’s not all: there are many more benefits. A few examples? Unlimited mobile streaming for iOS and Android systems; the ability to re-download previously purchased records or songs and create wish lists; you can follow the artists as it happens on Twitter or Facebook for example and when they post new material you get a notification, so you don’t miss any news. All on the face with an inscription, which, we recall, is completely free.

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Ultimately, on Bandcamp, you can discover new music, buy it or put it up for sale, promote yourself to a potentially unlimited audience, show off, and hope to expand your audience.

Obviously, if you are an artist, then the advice is not to limit yourself to one platform, but to look for several channels to promote your music. If you haven’t registered yet, take a tour of the portal: you might discover a lot of beauty or find it’s the right place to showcase your music.

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