What is The Weekend's biggest hit?

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a hit. Some people like songs that are upbeat and happy, while others prefer something more sad or slow. What do you think? Why is a song a hit? The majority of the time, it seems to be either good lyrics or catchy music that make a song popular. However, some people say there’s no way to know for sure why one song is successful and another isn’t – everyone likes different things! 

Blinding lights is officially the biggest hit by The Weeknd. You can find the video and related hits by The Weeknd by following the link. 

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Some people think that the only way to make a successful song is to have something catch your attention from the very first note or word of the song. Other people believe that catchy tunes with lyrics about love and breakups make for popular songs. There are also those who think that simple melodies without complicated words can be more popular than complex music with difficult lyrics. What do you think? What makes a Hit?

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