What Is Tidal Rising?

In an effort to promote emerging artists and their unique sounds, Tidal has re-launched its Tidal Rising program. The global music platform first launched Tidal Rising in 2015, with the aim of introducing music lovers to new artists and sounds that they may have otherwise missed.

The new and improved Tidal Rising program offers selected emerging artists ongoing support through personalized promotion, training, and direct funding, to help them grow, prosper, and build their careers. Unlike the original program, Tidal Rising now offers more than just playlists and co-marketing. The platform aims to provide emerging artists with greater economic support to help them achieve their dreams.

The Tidal Rising program’s personalized promotion offers emerging artists the chance to reach a wider audience through Tidal’s global platform. This promotion is customized to each artist’s unique style, sound, and brand, ensuring that they receive tailored support that resonates with their audience. The platform also offers training and development opportunities to emerging artists, helping them to hone their craft and improve their skills.

In addition to personalized promotion and training, Tidal Rising also provides direct funding to selected artists. This funding can be used for a variety of purposes, including recording and production costs, marketing and promotional expenses, and touring and performance expenses. This direct funding allows emerging artists to focus on their music and career development, without worrying about financial constraints.

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Tidal Rising is a unique program that sets Tidal apart from other music streaming platforms. The platform’s commitment to supporting emerging artists not only benefits the artists themselves, but also benefits music lovers around the world. By introducing music lovers to new and unique sounds, Tidal Rising helps to promote musical diversity and creativity.

Tidal Rising has already seen success with emerging artists, with many artists going on to achieve significant commercial success. The program has helped artists to gain exposure, build their fan base, and achieve greater economic success in the music industry. The program has also received praise from industry professionals, who recognize the importance of supporting emerging artists in an industry that can be difficult to break into.

Tidal’s re-launch of its Tidal Rising program in 2023 is a positive step towards supporting emerging artists and promoting musical diversity. The program’s personalized promotion, training, and direct funding provide emerging artists with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive music industry. With Tidal Rising, emerging artists have a platform to showcase their unique sounds and reach a global audience.

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