What is Vevo?

Vevo is the channel of the three largest record corporations (also called the Big Three), with which the most famous singers from all over the world collaborate. They have their own website called, but it is only available to residents of the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil and some European countries. There are collected the best high quality music videos of famous artists. It was officially launched into the world on December 8, 2009. And since then, it has been gaining momentum more and more.

If any of these companies of the Big Three decide that it is worth spending money on an artist, then they will invest tens of millions of dollars in him, give him the opportunity to make the most expensive clips, and conduct his PR campaigns around the clock.

What is Vevo

But if some bright head in the management of the corporation thinks that the singer or group will not receive the expected income (which usually happens after the first unsuccessful release), then they will not only cut off the oxygen to its development, but will completely interfere and block its work, preventing the artist from recording and performing new material.

Vevo is a website created by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media which is a joint venture with other websites to provide music video content. EMI licenses non-proprietary content. Vevo has over 50,000 videos, and Google and Vevo share the ad revenue. According to the company’s profile, it is considered the #2 music platform on the Internet after YouTube.

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Vevo has hit music videos, original TV series, behind-the-scenes covert footage, celebrity live performances and interviews with famous artists. Vevo is designed to provide its users with quality content. The company is busy collaborating with leading artists, singers, musicians and musical groups, it is constantly looking for ways to establish business partnerships with them.

Creating a Vevo account is different from creating a YouTube account, even though you can access Vevo content on YouTube. Your Vevo account helps you get the most out of what your users want to enjoy, like sharing with friends on Facebook, messaging with Vevo, and creating custom playlists.

Vevo is actually built on the concept of playlists and almost every video you see on Vevo is part of a playlist. You can create your own playlists and listen to playlists created with other playlists.

Most people like Vevo content through YouTube, like plugins for specific artist names and song titles. The result usually returns a Vevo video first. You can also go directly to the official Vevo website to check the websites there and of course use the mobile apps on iTunes and Google Play.

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