What Kind Of Dj Equipment To Buy For Home

You can DJ in different ways. You can work in clubs, discos, or you can DJ just for yourself if it has become your hobby. But in this case, you will need to purchase some equipment. In order to learn DJing at home, you need to buy the appropriate equipment. If you are planning such a purchase, but do not know what to buy, we will help you figure it out.

  • Turntables and mixer. This is a bulky and expensive option for organizing a home studio. Even if you buy used equipment, the kit will not be cheap at all. Moreover, you will have to buy music on records, which is expensive. In addition, there is very little music released on vinyl today compared to the amount of music sold in digital formats in online stores. Therefore, today it is not the most popular option for Dj equipment. Playing vinyl is an homage to classic DJing and in general a DJ needs to be able to play turntables. It’s like being able to drive a car with a manual transmission. But if you are buying the first and only set of equipment, it is probably more rational to consider other options.
  • CD players and mixer. To play on such equipment, you do not need records. You will buy music in digital formats from online stores and burn it to CDs or USB flash drives. A set of CD players is installed in every club, and for many years they have been one of the most popular types of equipment for live DJ performances.
  • Dj controller. The easiest and most budget option. If in the first two cases a whole set of equipment was needed, then here we only need one controller, which combines two players and a mixer. In this case, the music is played through a computer running DJ software such as Traktor PRO 2 or Serato.

How does a DJ controller work? The controller allows tactile control of Dj – software. Without a controller, the DJ would have to control the program with the mouse and computer keyboard. The controller, in terms of the set of buttons and controls, resembles familiar CD players and a mixer. The connection to the computer is carried out via the USB interface. With buttons and other controller controls, you send midi commands to the DJing software. We pressed the play button, the controller sent the appropriate command to the program. Almost any computer is suitable for these purposes – a laptop or desktop version, PC or MAC – it doesn’t matter, there are versions of programs for both Windows and MacOS.

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The disadvantage of using a controller and a computer program for DJing is that the Dj software has an automatic track synchronization function. This means that you will be able to play music without mastering the basic skill for a DJ – adjust the speed of the tracks by ear. Many DJs do not recognize the use of automatic synchronization at all and play only on CD players or turntables.

Of course, there is no need to buy a top model for the home, but only Pioneer is worth considering. Players from other manufacturers are much worse and are practically not used on real dance floors. Of the most affordable models, you can consider the Pioneer CDJ-350, for a start you will have more than enough of these players.

In practice, almost any controller can be configured for each of the Dj – programs, but it’s easier when the controller is originally designed for the program with which you will play.

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