What Label Is Drake Signed To?

American rapper Drake is a whole era in this direction of music. Aubrey Drake Graham is the artist’s full name, he was born in Toronto, Canada. Known today simply as Drake, he once considered choosing the stage name King Midas.

Everything that his hands touch, plus everything that his mind has conceived, turns into gold. The musical hit is known to everyone except him, he did business with famous companies and people, then randomly shared the profits with ordinary people he might have met at the supermarket. That is why today, in addition to being an internationally renowned artist, he is often cited as a highly successful example of self-branding. Not giving your heart away from business is a characteristic of someone who, before becoming a successful businessman, knows how to be an ordinary person.

What Label Is Drake Signed To

In recent years, Drake has created his own whiskey brand, invested in several real estate deals and entered into lucrative advertising contracts. A native of Toronto, a Jewish Canadian (on his mother’s side and an African-American father from Tennessee), he grew up in a music-loving family, and there he took his first steps in show business.

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For the first time, the general public found out about Drake in 2006. But not everything went well right away. In Toronto, Drake understood what could not be said for the rest of the vast country. In 2009, the young rapper signed a contract with the Young Money label. It was a successful collaboration.

This is followed by new albums, a triumphant rise to the musical Olympus, and the signing of a contract with the popular and influential Republic Records label, whose protégés include world-famous singer Ariana Grande and many other successful artists. The Republic Records label belongs to the world famous media company Universal Music. It is this concern that ranks first on the global pedestal of music fame, owning more than a third of the global music market. Universal Music’s annual revenues are well over $4.5 billion and show annual growth of 10 to 15 percent.

Today, Drake, like many of his successful colleagues, owns his own label. Drake’s OVO sound is actually the complete opposite of the canonical rap label. Young Money and Cash Money, who gave OVO Sound a direction to follow, have become southern rap supernovae and, thanks to celebrity exchanges with the stars who founded them, manage to promote new talent. Drake is famous in the North American music market for his ability to spot true talent among young performers at a glance. It was thanks to him that many new names appeared and grew stronger on the stage.

Drake has a clear and honest secret that can be summed up in a phrase that has become a true lifestyle for him: “Catch opportunities and maybe make your own mistakes. But never make the mistake of pretending to be perfect.”

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