What Library Does Apple Music Have?

Music streaming service Apple Music became the second in the global streaming market, losing first place to the Swedish platform Spotify. With nearly the same value as its main competitors in the music market and available on major platforms including Android, it is taking market share from Spotify, Deezer and the like.

As of November 2022, Apple Music has about 100 million tracks in its music library. These are songs, music, podcasts and audiobooks.

The media library features songs in many world languages, a huge number of podcasts and a rapidly growing segment of audiobooks.

There is also a Connect tab where artists will be able to post fan messages such as behind-the-scenes photos, lyrics in the works, and the latest released songs. The goal is to centralize interactions between celebrities and the public, rather than forcing the user to follow artists on Facebook, for example.

Tens of millions of songs available for purchase on iTunes are also available on Apple Music, as are high-definition music videos. Naturally, you can share playlists and listen to songs offline, without the need for an Internet connection, as is usually the case with streaming services.

Application settings provide full integration between user profiles. Apple Music has come to compete in an increasingly competitive music streaming market that is contested by several world-famous players in the global music market.

Music streaming services have become a kind of music social network, as you can like, follow people, or share playlists. Apple Music is no different. When searching for people, you can see what they’re listening to or show them the audio you’re currently playing.

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There are two ways to find friends on Apple Music: through contacts and through the app itself. You need to follow them to share and see their public playlists or what they are listening to. If any contact sends you a request to follow you, it will be displayed at the top of the profile in addition to the notification.

You can also access a friend’s profile by clicking on the person’s photo in the Subscriptions section. You will then be able to see his overall playlists and what he is listening to.

You can also share playlists or hide them – in the same menu, just select the ones you want to share and check or uncheck the box to share.

While there’s no shortage of good albums on Apple Music, playlists are also a fundamental part of the service, with this selection allowing you to group different songs and artists in one place. However, if you are a user who usually creates playlists on the platform but you are bored with the choice you made, here is how to delete Apple Music playlist quickly and easily.

Before deleting a playlist permanently, it’s worth checking to see if your dissatisfaction with this choice can be resolved with a few changes. Apple Music allows you to make various changes to the created playlists, such as changing the cover art, changing the description, and even adding and removing songs.

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