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What makes you monthly listeners on Spotify

If you’re promoting your music career on the Spotify streaming service, then you need to understand not only how to increase the popularity of your songs but also choose the tools that help you analyze your activity and track your progress. One of these key concepts is the monthly listeners. So, let’s find out who they are and how this process differs from the stream, as both these notions are crucially important.

What makes you monthly listeners on Spotify

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What makes you monthly listeners on Spotify? It depends on listening to someone’s song for 28 days. So, if a song has gained, for example, 50 listeners, it means that 50 users listened to it for at least 4 weeks. If you do not listen to a particular song after this period, you are no longer considered a monthly listener.  Also, don’t confuse listeners with subscribers, as the latter are users who have subscribed to Spotify profiles.

What is the difference between monthly listeners and streams?

Spotify streams are based on how many times your song is played for at least 30 seconds. Listeners are streaming platform users who just listened to a particular song but they are not considered monthly if they haven’t listened to it in four weeks.

Why are monthly listeners so important to any artist?

This is one of the few ways to determine the real popularity of an artist. Monthly listeners are virtually impossible to fake that is why they show the most realistic results. Also, you can use this criterion to determine if you’re moving in the right direction or if you need to change the algorithm of your profile development to attract a larger audience.

What is more critical: the streams or the monthly listeners?

Streaming increases your stats and directly affects your future income, listeners are a real indicator of popularity. If there are more streams, but not more listeners, it means that the same audience is listening to your music. So, both positions are quite important.

Where can I see my monthly listeners?

You can find out the exact number of monthly listeners in the Audience section, where general statistics data are displayed, or on the official Spotify for Artists website. Do not underestimate the importance of statistical data. If you know how to analyze them correctly, it will help you gain more monthly listeners.

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If you have no idea about how to get more monthly listeners, bring them from other music streaming services. To do this, simply install the special application MusConv and transfer your playlists from other platforms to Spotify. A few more people could hear your music this way, and all you need to do is click one button to transfer all your music content.