What Music App Is The Best?

According to all-knowing statistics. Today there are about a thousand streaming services in the world. But we know only a few whose names we hear very often. The choice of a music streaming service remains with the user, because taste, including music, is an individual matter.

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service, well ahead of the competition in many ways. This service is a real music social network: here you can add friends, exchange messages and comment on music news.

Custom playlists are not only available via a direct link, but are also displayed in the search, which fundamentally changes the process of getting to know new audio recordings. Recommendations lose the accuracy of computer algorithms, but acquire the human factor of spontaneity. The service can be used free of charge. You will have access to the entire catalog of music, but with minor inconveniences – periodic advertising inserts, a restriction on skipping tracks and the absence of offline listening.

Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service in the world after Spotify. It has an extensive database of 60 million tracks. The service offers playlists for different moods and author’s selections from dozens of foreign and Russian curators (music publications and labels).

 What Music App Is The Best

Apple Music supports the creation of custom playlists that can be shared with friends via a link. And the service can also recommend suitable music based on the tracks you previously liked.

YouTube Music is another popular world-class streaming service. This streaming service collects all the albums and songs that have ever been uploaded to YouTube by musicians, labels or users themselves. Accordingly, it often happens that today you listen to your favorite song, and tomorrow it becomes inaccessible, because it was uploaded by a simple listener who did not have rights to it.

There is a lot of music here, even a lot. True, the service does not report the exact figure, speaking only about millions of tracks. In addition to audio recordings, YouTube Music also shows video clips (including unofficial ones) and a bunch of different remixes. The functions of automatic selection of music here are quite good, and the assortment is diverse.

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A paid subscription to YouTube Music Premium will remove ads from the application, allow you to save tracks and listen to them offline, as well as play songs when the screen is off. You can try it for free for three months.

Deezer boasts a rich library, with over 43 million songs in its database. For those who are often looking for new music, the service will offer the Flow function. She independently selects tracks that you might like.

Subscribing will significantly increase the bitrate of the songs being played (up to 320 Kbps), turn off ads and open up the possibility of listening to tracks offline.

Tidal – this service is distinguished by the quality of music: here it is presented in FLAC format. This format assumes the playback of music without quality loss at all. The service has several subscription levels: Premium and Hi‑Fi. The main disadvantage of this streaming service is its high cost.

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