What nationality is Dave Grohl?

Every human being has genetic material that comes from their parents and grandparents. We call these two strands of DNA our chromosomes. Your genetics make up more than just physical traits like eye color; they determine everything about you including intelligence, personality and health conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

Many people do not know that they are actually part of a much larger ethnic group. Some may be descendants from Vikings, others might have traces of Native American or African ancestry in their DNA. The diversity within the human race is what makes us so unique and amazing. It’s this uniqueness that helps shape who we are as individuals. One thing many people don’t realize is how genetic diversity has been linked to intelligence and beauty.

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There are studies that suggest that children who come from parents who have geographically diverse DNA turn out to be more beautiful and intelligent. Could that explain the overwhelming success of celebrities like Pushkin and Dave Grohl? These kids also grow up with less risk for health problems like diabetes or asthma. Genetic diversity can help prevent diseases such as malaria. 

Interestingly, Dave Grohl is German, Irish, and Slovak but he comes from Warren, Ohio. Want to know more

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