What Popular Songs Can I Listen To In 2022?

Any person who shows interest in music is sure to be interested in the news of the music world. And an important role in the emergence of current ratings is played by music streaming services, with the help of which up to 70-80 percent of all profits that are generated by the music business around the world are generated.

The answer to the question of what songs you can listen to in 2022 is actually not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

We can talk about the global ranking, which is created by music streaming services. As a rule, we are talking about English-language content that dominates Spotify or Apple Music, which together own a share of about 60% of the global music market and are undeniable trendsetters in this area.

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But there is also a significant segment of national or regional content. For example, in Latin America, musical tastes will be somewhat different and, most likely, Spanish-speaking. And in India, which is dominated by local music streaming platforms, the preferences of Indian fans will be very different. The same situation is in the Republic of Korea, where in recent years its own musical environment with a national flavor has been formed. Well, it’s not even worth talking about China, this colossal music market in general is in many ways not like the global one, and therefore it’s not worth applying the usual standards to its assessment.

That is why the answer to the question is very difficult. If you want to follow the global trend and find out the leaders of the world ranking, then we advise you to open the Top 100 Spotify, which displays the real picture. You can also use the TOP-100 from the Swedish green giant in your country. For example, open the TOP-100 in Germany or Mexico. The main thing is that this music streaming service officially works in your country of residence.

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