What Programs Do I Need To Become DJ?

The first type of software that a DJ will need is obviously those with which he can mix music and conduct his sessions, these are also the most famous, but they are certainly not the only software that can be useful in his career. DJ.

We have selected different categories of software useful for virtual DJing.

You may need to use all of these types of apps, or only need to know or work with a couple of them in your DJing career, however we think it’s important that you consider all options and full potential. what the world of virtual software has to offer to develop their performances.

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DJ software for mixing music is undoubtedly the most important category for anyone who wants to start their journey in this world of music mixes. These are the basic programs with which we will develop our sessions, so choosing the music mixing program that best suits your needs is a matter of success, especially for those who are taking their first steps in this amazing musical world:

  • Traktor Pro is the standard for professional DJs. It is used by big stars, thousands and thousands of DJs in all clubs and venues in the world. In general, it has everything that is needed today for a modern DJ session. Among its features are the ability to mix up to four songs simultaneously plus 8 samples, high-quality effects, loops, cues, integration for the new STEMS format as an advance for DJ mixes, a powerful algorithm for detecting beats per minute and musical key, as well as a large number of common functions in other programs for professionals. Another big advantage of Traktor is the number of NI controllers developed for this software and that, along with Pioneer, it also dominates the DJ equipment market. The price is 99 euros, although it is important to note that many DJ controllers and sound cards come with functional and customized software versions, making the investment more worthwhile.
  • Ableton Live is something of an anomaly on this list, as it’s not really a true DJ app – or at least it wasn’t originally intended to be. This software was developed as a music creation tool. However, its innovative features make it the perfect app for live performance, which is why many DJs have used it to enhance the creativity of their sessions and incorporate live production concepts into their DJ session. The key to its popularity among DJs is the SESSION version, a brilliant implementation of the program. It’s this version, along with an intuitive way to synchronize MIDI and audio, that makes this DAW a fantastic tool for redefining the boundaries between a classic DJ session and live performance. Live provides other additional benefits that will be very useful for electronic musicians, such as many built-in instruments, effects, the ability to insert plug-ins and control MIDI instruments in an intuitive and synchronized way, on the other hand, its learning curve is somewhat more demanding than Live, the rest programs are focused only on digital mixing. On top of that, LIVE also has a variety of controllers specifically designed to work with it both in the studio and on the dance floor. Price – 79 euros, 349 euros, 599 euros – depending on the version. The $79 version is perfect for DJ use.

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