What rock band makes the most money?

What could be better than a life of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll? Disclaimer: by drugs, of course, we mean good drugs like love, good food, and exercise. Well, only tons of money. You’ve probably been wondering who the richest heavy metal bands of all times are at least once. Who officially has it all? 

Well, the bad news is that actually calculating who gathered how much money back in the day is pretty difficult. Counting systems we have in use today didn’t start being implemented a while after, for example, Beatles started making an impact (with over 600 000 000 records sold) according to Quora’s Scott Raby: 

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Yet other sources quote Metallica as being the world’s most formidable band with $1 BN net worth with the closest competitor, The Rolling Stones, behind by only measly $100 000 000 behind. Considering that counting is a bit of a problem (we certainly wouldn’t declare having billions for safety reasons) the answer to your question will vary depending on who you ask, just like with “Who is the greatest rock star of all time”. But your best bet, it looks like, is still on Beatles. 

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