What Should Be The Ideal Playlist?

If you truly love music and are seriously into it, then of course you have had or continue to deal with music streaming services. A few years ago, it was hard to imagine, buying a CD in a music store, that soon four-fifths of all music would be broadcast via the Internet.

So, online music distribution services won. Music streaming today generates four out of every five dollars that are earned in this area. Therefore, the importance of such platforms is difficult to overestimate.

One of the most effective tools on a streaming service is a playlist. There are many playlists, they can be public, which can be seen by all users of this streaming service. They can be private, which are available only to the person who created them. Public playlists can be shared, rated and commented on. Much like a social network.

But how to create the perfect playlist that will be of interest to almost everyone? To do this, it must comply with some relatively simple rules:

1. it must be interesting;

2. he must have a history;

3. you can not hit the banality;

4. full use of niche music should also be avoided;

5. don’t take multiple songs from the same artist (unless it’s a playlist theme).

In general, it is difficult to create a good selection of songs and music, but it is possible. Users share their impressions of creating playlists and give tips that are worth listening to. So:

1. The main track in the playlist is the first. It should be recognizable and at the same time unexpected. A good option is passing, but pretty songs by popular artists, non-obvious covers or duets. The main message of the first composition is to create the right impression and at the same time explain the theme of the playlist.

2. The second song should also have an element of surprise. She, as it were, says to the listener: “Do not turn it off, perhaps it will be even more interesting.” Ideally, in terms of mood, it coincided with the first song, but at the same time was completely different. A good solution is to jump to another style or find a cool hit in a fresh reading: a remix or, conversely, acoustic.

3. The most difficult thing is to choose the last track. It’s like writing the ending to a movie. “This song is the last one the addressee will hear, and therefore the only one that he will definitely remember.” That should be your main message. And, since both the melody and the text can get stuck in the head with equal success, consider both of these factors.

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Playlists should consist of 20 – 30 songs and sound at least one and a half, but two or two and a half hours is better and include just good songs. If your creation will be assembled from mediocre tracks, then you should not count on its success in the streaming service. As they say, you either have talent or you don’t. It’s the same with the playlist – it’s either good music or just bad.

In fact, creating a playlist does not seem to be a simple task. Especially if this playlist is good. This is a labor-intensive creative process that requires both time and effort. But by creating a successful playlist, the user can make a name for himself and build a musical career, because his creation will be of interest to many and will bring good profit to its author.

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