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What Should I Do If I Can't Subscribe To Apple Music?

The American streaming music service Apple Music ranks second in the world ranking of music streaming platforms, slightly behind only its competitor from Sweden – Spotify. This app presents recommended playlists, songs, artists, etc. according to the songs and genres you usually listen to. The more you listen, the more accurate the recommendations will be.

After subscribing to Apple Music, not only songs you purchased from the iTunes Store or songs imported from your computer, but also songs and albums added with Apple Music will be displayed together. With Apple Music, you can add songs and albums to your library very easily, so once registered, your library will definitely be more complete than ever before.

The Apple Music streaming service is only available with a subscription. This is a feature of this platform that is not well liked by many users who are not used to, do not like or do not want to pay for streaming music.

For any new user, the streaming platform provides a graceful free period of three months, during which the free trial version of the application will be valid. If you manage to participate in one of the many Apple Music promotions for new subscribers, you can get five or six months of free use of the streaming service.

But what to do when, with all the desire and availability of funds, it is not possible to subscribe to Apple Music?

If the new Apple Music registration process doesn’t go smoothly, try the following solutions:

  • Update OS
  • Restart your gadget
  • Check if the payment details are correct
  • Reboot your device

The latest version of the OS environment is required to use Apple Music. Check your device’s system settings and if there is an OS update notification, update it before registering.

Also, if the billing information associated with your Apple ID account is incomplete, you won’t be able to subscribe to Apple Music.

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Check to see if your credit card has expired or if your carrier’s billing limit has been exceeded.

It is also possible that you are unable to check in due to a poor internet connection, so please switch to airplane mode, turn off Wi-Fi and try to connect to the internet again.

If the above method does not solve the problem, it is also effective to unregister, turn off the device, and then restart it.

Also, first check if Apple Music is officially available in your country. As a rule, music lovers from some African countries, countries of Southeast Asia and Oceania may encounter such a problem.

If the streaming service does not legally work in your country, then use the VPN service and virtually change your location to the country in which it is fully official.

Do not forget also that your bank card, which you intend to use when subscribing, must belong to one of the world’s payment systems. Also check, maybe the service will offer you a much wider list of payment options for their services.

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