What singer has the best voice of all time?

It will not become a secret to anyone that in the current realities of show business, the talent and vocal abilities of artists often fade into the background, giving way to a shocking image. Today we look bitterly at the stars of a bygone era, realizing that they, unfortunately, no longer do.

A voice is a kind of audible kiss of the soul, breaking into the material world. No matter what timbre the voice has, the main thing is his sincerity. It is thanks to the vocals and charisma of the singer that fans fall in love with them again and again.

Frankly, there is no absolute number one position among the voices of the world of different years and different musical genres. After all, if we are talking, for example, about opera voices, then there are some voices, and if there is jazz or rock, then others. Therefore, we will make a brief overview of the best voices of the world for all time (meaning the period during which you can get at least some statistics) in various musical genres.

If we talk about hard rock and musical directions close to it, then music experts are united – the best voice in history was the soloist of the cult group Qeen Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury has one of the most recognizable voices in the history of music. His legendary hits are known and sung by each of us. Fans from all over the world admired his voice and charisma. Scientists analyzed his songs, vibrato and general harmonics of compositions. Researchers have found that Mercury was a baritone, although it used to be considered his tenor. He sang at a frequency of 117.3 Hz, which is typical of baritones. His vocal cords were moving faster. Therefore, Mercury had a different performance of songs than other artists. They also found that Mercury vibrato was at 7.04 Hz, while in most singers it is in the range from 5.4 Hz to 6.0 Hz. The songs of the legendary singer were performed by Daniel Zanger Borch, who was able to completely display Mercury’s singing style while researchers tried to analyze the change in his larynx.

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Among opera singers, Russian opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin leads. He is still considered the owner of an unsurpassed opera voice. Unfortunately, the recording technique of those times could not provide the descendants with a full-length recording of his unique voice. Of the modern opera singers, Placido Domingo, which has a unique tenor in purity, can be distinguished.

Placido Domingo

This Spanish opera singer and conductor has a lyric-dramatic tenor. Since 2009, they have been performing along with tenor parts of the baritone repertoire. Placido Domingo is the Director General of the Los Angeles Opera.

Michael Jackson, now resting in peace, took the first place in the pedestal of the best voice in history in the direction of pop music.

Michael Jackson

The voice of Michael Jackson was light and flowing, possessed rhythmic dexterity, with the help of which the king of pop music could perform complex vocal runs. The voice also allowed him to imitate percussion instruments, use lever sounds and exclamations, which was achieved using special equipment. Experts in the field of music consider Michael’s voice to be the best in the history of the pop direction.

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