What Software Does DDJ-1000 Use?

If you decide to purchase a DDJ-1000 controller, then you probably asked what specialized software would be required for its efficient and confident operation.

In principle, this equipment can work with almost every DJ software. But it was originally designed for Rekordbox DJ, with which it works most confidently.

Based on Pioneer’s archiving software Rekordbox, Rekordbox DJ is now a full-featured DJ software that doesn’t need to hide from Serato and Traktor.

As with Serato, most of Rekordbox DJ’s features are only fully available with Pioneer hardware. DJ controllers from the DDJ series such as the DDJ-1000 or DDJ-400 are possible, but desktop media players from the CDJ and XDJ series are also supported. Rekordbox DJ offers four decks, a 64-slot sampler, and the usual basic features like hot cues and loops.

Track analysis, including pitch detection and beat grid, is very accurate, and there’s a clear selection of effects on board. Since the software is primarily designed for use with controllers, various pad effects are also available. For an additional fee, Rekordbox DJ can be expanded with an effects package from the RMX series or with a DMX lighting controller. There is also a video mixing extension for Rekordbox DJ with text overlays and effects, and a DVS extension for media with timecode.

The similarities to Serato DJ Pro cannot be denied, but there are also differences: Rekordbox DJ’s track management offers, for example, in addition to smart playlists, its own tags and track recommendations. Rounding it all out is a live streaming of the playlist on their own social media platform called Kuvo, where the tracks are streamed to the audience in real time. The user interface can be customized with predefined screen sets. Overall, when it comes to performance, Rekordbox DJ is on par with the competition. As a final feature, Rekordbox DJ offers the ability to store your entire music collection in the cloud (Dropbox) and play it directly from there. The only catch: this is only possible with the most expensive subscription model and costs 29.99 euros per month.

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The disadvantage of the DJ software is that all extensions are only available at an additional cost and that Rekordbox DJ only works with Pioneer-branded products. However, this world of products is very vast and devices are also widespread.

If you’re buying a new DDJ-1000, chances are it already has the Rekordbox DJ software pre-installed and the license fee is already included.

But if you purchase the software separately, then the price will be as follows:

  1. Core (€9.99)
  2. Creative (€14.99)
  3. Professional (€29.99)

The software also has a completely free version, which is likely to be pre-installed on the hardware. It is quite enough for beginner class DJing. But for professional DJs, a wider range of functions is required, so they purchase paid versions of this program.

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