What Song Is Number One On Spotify 2022?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify keeps its users up to date on the latest trends in the music world. And this is one of the features due to which it not only leads the global music streaming market, but also constantly develops and gains more and more subscribers.

On a monthly basis, the music streaming service creates new ratings and distributes them to users. And music lovers can always navigate the latest trends in musical fashion. In addition, such ratings allow those who are professionally involved in distributing music on Spotify to be sensitive to the wishes of the target audience in order to subsequently place music and songs that are potentially in demand by listeners.

 What Song Is Number One On Spotify 2022

Since Spotify is becoming a trendsetter in music fashion, artists are largely guided by its analytics and statistics.

As of April 2022, this streaming platform alone has 13 tracks that have amassed over two billion streams worldwide. And Ed Sheeran’s track “Shape of You” topped the rating of the most popular songs.

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So far, it is the only track that has managed to garner over three billion streams on the Swedish music streaming service.

However, statistical data from different sources can differ markedly. For example, Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” topped the Billboard Hot 100.

But most professionals and amateurs who make money on music streaming still focus on the Spotify rating. And this is understandable, because this music streaming service not only leads among its peers in the streaming music industry, but also determines the musical fashion. Spotify today has all the leverage for this and a share of 36% of the global music market. And this means that more than every third stream of music around the world falls on Spotify.

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