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What song was the first hit in England for the Rolling Stones?

Every music band dreams to get success and become popular as fast as possible. In order to achieve this goal, each musical collective chooses its own way. According to historical facts, there are two ways to get fame: a music group may start its star career from songwriting or it can cover best-known hits that were written by other famous artists.

what song was the first hit in England for the Rolling Stones

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It doesn’t matter what way a group will choose, as both of them are effective. However, each musical collective should remember that their debut song will have an impact on their path to success. It is a definite rite of passage for novice musicians that can assist them to become rich and famous or could bring them to the disgraceful end of their career.

Talking about the way of the incredible Rolling Stones, it is possible to say with confidence that their first hit was a real golden ticket that opened for novice artists the doors to the bright world of professional music. So, what song was the first hit in England for the Rolling Stones? Which tune brought them their first success?

The Rolling Stones began the musical career by covering the most popular songs of that period. They released their first debut covered song “Come On” by Chuck Berry in 1963. This tune brought them their first popularity. What is more, it was a song hit №21 on the UK singles chart.

Their next hit, “I Wanna Be Your Man” created by famous Lennon-McCartney reached №12 on the UK chart. After that, each newly created song rose them higher and higher on the UK chart.

It has been so long since the Rolling Stones began their career. However, their extraordinary music is still relevant today. Haven’t listened to their songs yet? Just visit any streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify and find their great hits. Create your own playlist and enjoy your favorite music.

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