What Songs Should I Add To My Playlist 2022?

If you love music, then be sure to use music streaming services. With their help, most of the music content is broadcast today and is created every four out of five dollars in the income of the entire music industry.

Of course, there are retro lovers who prefer vinyl records that have long become a rarity or, for example, CDs, which are also a thing of the past, albeit relatively not far off. But today we are not talking about them.

So, if you are a music lover, then you try to keep abreast of the latest musical fashion and prefer to be in trend. Most likely, you create your playlists on the music streaming service that you use or on several services if you have several such platforms.

What songs are in fashion today, what should be included in your playlists so that they correspond to the new musical season? We will talk about the TOP-5 compositions that lead the music rating:

1. Harry Styles – How it was;

2. Charli XCX – Baby;

3. Fivio Foreign – Slime Them;

4. The Weeknd – Out of Time;

5. Chloe – Treat Me.

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This is the newest music of 2022, which is just beginning its journey to the top of the musical Olympus. The trendsetters in the world of music streaming can be safely considered the Swedish streaming service Spotify, the product of the corporation from Cupertino – Apple Music, as well as SoundCloud, which is a product of German developers and has already deservedly established itself as one of the leaders in the global music streaming market.

Every self-respecting music streaming service periodically, usually once a calendar month, publishes an update on the ranking of the TOP 100 songs that received the most streams on it. In determining the rating on some of these platforms (for example, SoundCloud), the rating of each user who used his opportunity to participate in the creation of a top streaming playlist is also taken into account.

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