Many people are looking for the most convenient option for them to listen to music. About 20 years ago, there were just a few options, because you could either buy a vinyl record or a CD of your favorite song. Nowadays, all is easier and more comfortable because there are special streaming services.

What streaming app plays music?

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These applications can offer you a lot of useful features for a moderate monthly subscription. They give you unlimited access to a large library of popular music, where you can find something you like. The choice of streaming platforms on the market is quite large. However, if you haven’t used any platform so far, you’re definitely wondering: What streaming app plays music? Below you can read about the most popular services, which are the favorites of millions of people around the world. Thus, it will be much easier to make a choice in favor of any application.

  • Apple Music. At the moment, this streaming service is practically one of the biggest competitors in the market. It offers subscribers more than 60 million tracks and many playlists. It is an ideal option for Apple gadget owners. The application is well-integrated into the ecosystems of this brand, that’s why everything will work flawlessly. Moreover, you can use your account on six different devices and keep your listening progress.
  • Spotify. A great option for this streaming service is its ability to work with any type of device. The biggest advantage of the platform is the music library, the size of which is more than 80 million compositions. Moreover, the service can offer a large variety of playlists and a function of recommended content’ personalized selection. This feature attracts almost all customers.
  • Tidal. Are you a fan of the highest-quality sound? Then you should definitely pay attention to the Tidal platform, which offers studio recording quality. It is the sound format that is currently considered the benchmark in the music market. Moreover, Tidal can offer you unique content from famous artists, thanks to the fact that the owner of the service is rapper Jay Z.
  • Deezer. One of the highest-quality streaming services, which can offer you more than 90 million tracks. Moreover, customers can get access to a huge variety of playlists, podcasts, radio channels, and other interesting content. At any time, if you don’t know what to listen to, you can choose one of the recommended radio channels, or you can use the Flow feature. It can create an endless playlist of recommended tracks.

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Of course, it’s up to you to decide which streaming service option to choose. In any case, if at some point in time, you decide to switch platforms to try something else, we can help you. The special Musconv program will move your music albums to a new location, so, you won’t lose your library. To take advantage of our offer go to our website and start downloading the application.