What streaming service works with Rekordbox?

The growing popularity of controllers means that at present devices of this type are relatively cheap, easy to use and transport, and in their functions they surpass many classic consoles. Manufacturers are littering us with more and more equipment, which makes it easy to get lost. As a result, we downplay the importance of the software problem, but this is one of the most important things we need to pay attention to.

Rekordbox is mainly used for cataloging and preparing songs for collaboration with Pioneer players. You can also use it to classify and search for music stored on your computer and media. With this app you can tag, listen and comment on songs and even prepare whole sets.

The clear advantages of Rekordbox will be ease of use, requiring initial knowledge in this area, as well as the ability to pre-create playlists. But it also has a significant minus – the application is reserved only for Pioneer products, and it also does not work with all streaming services.


The updated version of the music management program is easily integrated with:

Now you can play tracks from music streaming services. This is a powerful DJ tool that allows you to find the best music and use it to create amazing mixes. Now that millions of tracks have become available online, it’s time to add service support to Rekordbox dj. This new addition to the program will allow you to create beautiful and effective mixes, using huge, constantly replenished catalogs of SoundCloud and Beatport LINK, and find music for your performances.

Undoubtedly, an important step was the opportunity to connect Rekordbox and the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify, which occupies a leading position in the global music streaming market. Using Spotify’s huge, over 70 million tracks, music library, you can simply create your own masterpieces of DJ music art.

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It should be noted that, despite the availability of a free version, you will need to pay for any of these streaming services to work with Rekordbox.

Rekordbox provides an exclusive feature for searching for music and songs. With its help, you can automatically find suitable compositions. Supports the service and the popular TIDAL music streaming platform, but only if you subscribe to Hi-Fi. This subscription gives the owner the opportunity to listen to musical compositions in the highest quality of sound.

It is likely that in the near future the list may be replenished with other popular streaming services.

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