What To Choose: Spotify Or Tidal?

Today, many music lovers are asking themselves the question of which music streaming service to choose, which one best suits their needs.

I can safely recommend Spotify to people who just want to listen to music. If turning on your favorite playlist or album is all you need, Spotify is the solution for you. It is simple, functional and has a very large database of tracks.

However, if you’re sensitive to high quality audio and have the right listening equipment (fixed and mobile) and like to watch quality music videos from time to time, then Tidal is the one to go for.

If I had to point to one service that wins, it would be Spotify. It offers a lot of famous and beloved music in good quality and for little money. Standardly works on many different devices – smartphone, computer, set-top box, smart TV and other stationary players.

The internet player is available in both cases on both streaming services. In the case of Tidal, it makes the best impression in terms of looks, functionality, and usability. However, there is no point in comparing these versions of players, because very few people really want to use them. After all, it doesn’t make much sense, since we have an app on the phone at hand and a PC program on the table (plus any other interfaces on network players).

Remote player control – only Spotify has this option as standard and it’s a huge advantage. The fact is that we get the opportunity to control music using a smartphone, while playing it on another device (for example, a computer or console). Tidal does not have this by default – you can use external solutions, but this will not be simple and obvious for everyone.

Of course, even on Tidal you can easily control music playback, for example, on AirPlay speakers or similar equipment, but if you play music on speakers connected to a TV or console, Spotify is better – you just pull out your smartphone and change the song, that’s all. It works like a regular wireless remote control. The condition is that each player must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Both Spotify and Tidal have apps for the most popular mobile system, Android and iOS, the second most popular. Both apps work very well, they are clear, concise and easy to use. In fact, both are very similar to each other.

In practice, another question is more important – on which site is there no music? The music library is large on both sites. Because in these tens of millions of songs, 99.99% of you will find everything or almost everything you are looking for. Both music databases are huge.

It’s easier to find something unusual on Tidal. Perhaps Spotify is trying to push more heavily on well-known and widely listened to music. Some artists you won’t find on Tidal, others on Spotify, but most of them are famous. For example, if you like Dr. Dre, you have more choices on Tidal, same with rapper Jay Z.

So, if you choose between Spotify and Tidal, then there can be no unambiguous recommendation, the choice will depend on the individual requests of each individual user.

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