What To Expect From Madonna In 2023?

From a brunette rocker with short tousled hair, Madonna turned into a Hollywood blonde with canonical arrows and red lips, she cut her hair again and painted again – but at the same time she always remained Madonna. Fearless experiments concerned not only appearance. From album to album, she completely reshaped her creativity and style (hence the nickname of the Pop Culture Chameleon).

“What Madonna wears is an evolution of today’s trends,”- Madonna’s stylist Arianna Phillips once said. The singer has truly established herself as a pioneer not only in the music industry but also beyond with her high-profile, challenging performances, non-conformist fashion and uncompromising creativity. All this inspired her fans around the world.

In 2023, the singer decided to perform her biggest hits in four decades of her career, summing up her peculiar result as part of the “The Celebration” concert tour, in order to, quite possibly, completely reinvent herself after that. The tour is scheduled to start on July 15, 2023 in Vancouver and end on December 1 in Amsterdam.

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Madonna’s penchant for oversized bows, lace gloves, red lipstick and perms was reflected on the big screen in 1985 when she starred in Desperately Seeking Susan alongside Roseanne Arquette. That same year, the American Music Awards saw for the first time the beginnings of a creative alliance with Jean-Paul Gaultier that would last for decades.

In the teaser for “The Celebration,” Madonna sits at a table with a new haircut and extravagant shorts, chatting with other stars, including electronics artist Diplo, rocker Jack Black, rapper Lil Wayne, and other famous musicians and actors. Until Amy Schumer starts to persuade Madonna to go on a new tour – with songs from her more than forty-year career. Immediately, the whole company begins to hum a hit from the 1980s “La Isla Bonita”, and Madonna, who will turn 65 this year, succumbs to persuasion. And announces his holiday tour. Cover of Italian, French and Spanish Vanity Fair – instead of a poster. On it, she again plays with the image of the Virgin Mary from a medieval icon (no wonder the issue is called “The Icon Issue”).

Makeup, hair and style of Madonna today is the quintessence of all the past images that she managed to try on over her long career. The singer empirically came to what suits her the most. We advise you to take an example and not be afraid to get to know yourself better by trying new things and using other people’s images, while not completely copying them. Sooner or later you will find your true face, as Madonna herself did.

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