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What turned out for the German singer to compare lockdown with concentration camp

The notorious German singer compared tightening the lockdown with the crimes of the Third Reich. How did Germany react to this?

German hat performer Michael Wendler said in his Telegram-channel that, in his opinion, the German government allows itself unacceptable things. To lock up free and innocent people, he believes, is absolutely contrary to human dignity. This post caused indignation among subscribers.

The notorious performer thereby compared the situation of the inhabitants of the country now with the situation of prisoners of the concentration camps of the Third Reich. The reason was the tightening of the lockdown – including special rules for the population of regions with a particularly unfavorable epidemiological situation, in particular, restrictions on the radius of movement by 15 kilometers, if we are not talking about trips to work or on urgent matters.

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The peak of the musical career of this artist occurred in 2010-2012 years. The hit was his song «She Loves a DJ». However, albums of recent years above tenth place in European chats did not rise and stayed there for no more than three weeks.

After that, Michael Wendler attracted the most attention to himself with scandals, including those related to bankruptcy proceedings, participation in various entertainment shows, as well as divorce, which was long and willingly discussed in the boulevard press and television shows. In 2018, a public novel became a constant topic of the same media – a relationship with a difference of 28 years, which ended in 2020 with marriage. Since the fall of 2020, the couple has been permanently living in Florida.

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