What Users Say About Spotify

Commentators demonstrating the pros and cons of the Spotify app primarily point out two things: the price and availability of this music sweat service. The price is quite high, because by saving $9.99 a month for a year, we can confidently buy some good music albums.

The only question is if we want to do it, because sometimes we only like a few songs. Critics also put forward an argument in support of the artists. According to the Guardian, Lady Gaga made just $167 per million views of “Poker Face” on the Spotify app. She would have made a lot more money if at least some of those users had just bought her album. On the other hand, Spotify’s exclusive selling point is accessibility, which has convinced most people. Why should they look for new songs on their own when Spotify offers better ones?

Despite the problems described, Spotify has proven to be successful and installed on many of us on smartphones and computers. Spotify has created a recipe for success, which is the main factor that made this application popular and start making money. We are convinced that people were behind the success, and not just the founders, who stubbornly strived to implement the business plan. One of Spotify’s early investors wrote on his blog that the founders focused on outstanding employees, engineers, and forward-thinking people from the start.

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Speaking of visionaries, one cannot fail to mention Sean Parker, the startup industry legend best known for creating Napster, an MP3 music download site. Parker had to shut down his startup after years of lawsuits from music labels, but what he did changed the industry for years to come. He also changed Spotify because he believed its creators that it was possible to make money from the music available to users. We talked about the company’s assumptions, about the threshold of paying users that they would like to achieve in the future. Sean understood the essence of the problem and looked to the future, moreover, to the distant future.

Dreams have yet to come true as more than 50% of users pay to access Spotify, but investors and founders are hopeful. After all, their app is available in nearly 200 countries, so there’s still a lot of work ahead.

Another way to quickly play any songs is to save favorite songs on the user’s hard drive. If we often listen to one song, Spotify will silently download it to the disc so that we can play it faster and without load. The amount of space that Spotify will reserve for storing songs can be changed in the settings, but if you play music on a computer, it will be about 10 GB. It is worth noting that this space is optional, so we have to add to it the weight of all the songs that we have downloaded to disk ourselves if we have a Premium account. And yes, Spotify is fast to download your favorite songs. This method works well – according to statistics, most of us listen to the same music, because we often play the most popular songs on Spotify.

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