What was Napster found guilty of?

Today, young music lovers combine the Napster brand with the streaming service for popular music. However, the elderly will remember that Napster was originally a peer-to-peer file sharing network created by american programmers Sean Fanning, Jordan Ritter, and Sean Parker. It happened in 1999.

At that time, CDs were becoming more popular and no one dreamed of streaming music services. By the way, some consider Napster to be the ancestor of music streaming.

The service made it possible to share music files between music lovers. Therefore, its popularity grew every day. However, the music industry believed that peer-to-peer music sharing was outright theft and a total violation of copyright laws.

In 2000 the mega-popular rock group Metallica presented a demo version of the song «I Disappear», while the presentation of the very future popular soundtrack of the hollywood blockbuster «Mission: Impossible – 2» should take place in a few weeks. What was the surprise and anger of the rock musicians when Napster literally released the full version of the soundtrack to the public the day after the demo was released…

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich opened a legal investigation. The result in March 2001 was a decision by the California District Court that Napster was unlawful to distribute pirated music content and shut down the service’s server until platform management could provide a 100% anti-piracy filter. The authors of the lawsuit and the owners of Napster eventually came to an agreement. But the service actually ceased to exist.

Napster started working again in 2008 when the once popular brand was bought by the American company Rhapsody. At this point his resuscitation began.

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